What you'll learn

  • Impress your friends
  • Get the clear idea for performing hacking
  • Learn the methods of hiding secret data
  • Learn the ways for securing confidential informations
  • Learn how facebook hacking is done and its preventive methods
  • Learn how to file a complaint in FBI
  • Downloadable hacking tools
  • Only an internet Connected Computer

This course can be your gateway into this world which explains the Proper way for hacking followed by every hacker in this world behind the screen. This course can equip you to become one of the vigilantes that keeps the Internet from being destroyed by bad guys. You can also learn how to keep the bad guys from messing with your personal data and the ways for protecting your data. You'll learn how facebook accounts are being hacked and the ways for protecting your account.

We see many hackers making a big deal of themselves and being mysterious and refusing to help others learn how to hack. Why? Because they don't want you to know the truth, which is that most of what they are doing is really very simple!

Yes hacking is really easy and you may wonder whether hackers need expensive computer equipment and a shelf full of technical manuals.

The answer is NO! Hacking can be surprisingly easy!

So...welcome to the adventure of hacking!

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